about zlue

if you're not familiar with the game clue, i'll share the similar bits. first and foremost, the goal of the game is to solve a murder. you and some others are given the same number of cards whilst three are hidden in an envelope. in this envelope the murderer, the murder weapon, and the place in which the murder take place will stay. with your cards, you have to investigate and deduce to what's in the envelope. once you've done so, you win!

nota bene: there may be more people, weapons, and places necessary for an efficient game. that's ok! i will shuffle the cards and pick the correct amount before hiding the cards in folders. i will let the players know what the overflow was so we can have a proper fair game.

how is the caesar able to play, you ask? just before organising the cards, i name them "random.jpg" and place them in numbered folders. from there, i view the list without previews and drag and drop where i need to. i upload the folders to jumpshare and then hand the links to the players individually. the final three cards are linked to somebody watching but not playing or in the chat. as long as the link is somewhere accessible, i trust the players to not click it.



  1. there is a chatroom called ZLUE that i'll invite you to.
  2. before the game starts, you will be given three items: a set of cards, a list of the suspects, weapons, and places, and a link to a dice website. we play with two dice so the game goes by faster.
  3. if you are playing on a mobile device, i recommend placing the list into a spreadsheet app or you can copy and paste into your notes app (iphone users). you can make a table and organise that way.
  4. the board game (tba) with our starting points will be shared. it's best to pick a color available in wire for you to mark.
  5. with each move, you will dot your place with your chosen color and mark the previous placement with a white dot to avoid confusion. the same photo is shared throughout the game.
  6. how to play

  7. you will roll the dice and move the amount of spaces towards any room you'd like. nota bene: you can only guess when you're in a room. that room will be the only place you can guess
  8. once you're in a room, you will be able to guess the cards. pick any strategy you like, and once you've developed the one that works in your favour, the game will make more and more sense as time goes on.
  9. once you've made your guess, starting from the person next to you, the players will see if any of the cards you guessed are ones they have.
  10. once one player names a card, you cross it off and it's on to the next player's turn. if someone doesn't have a card, you will move on to the next player and so on. if no one has the card, you're in luck! also, you can show players the same reveal multiple times.
  11. how to win

  12. if you think you know which cards are in the envelope, you must go into the staircase to make your guess.


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