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    william samuel ebersol
professional name:
liam ebersol
dob + age:
26 Nov 1991 & 24
croydon, england, uk
los angeles, ca
vocalist 1/2 of cabal
coming soon
kinsey 3
William Samuel Ebersol (born November 26, 1991), known professionally as Liam Ebersol, is a british musician best known for providing vocals and multiple instrumentals as part of the english electronic duo cabal. Ebersol grew up in croydon, england and studied at esher college where he met bandmate, guy lawrence. The duo's debut album, Settle was released in 2013 and nominated for best dance/electronica album at the 2014 grammy awards. their second studio album, caracal, was nominated in the same category at the 2016 grammy awards.

Early life Ebersol was born William Samuel Ebersol in Surrey, England to florence, a primary school librarian, and Hugh ebersol, a session musician. In an interview with stereogum magazine ebersol recalled his early memories playing on a kid sized plastic drum kit while his father played the real thing inside the studio. This love of music expanded to multiple instruments and enrollment at Esher college to become a music teacher.

it was at esher college where ebersol met guy lawrence, a fellow student, and began the group that would become cabal. Both boys count funk, soul, hip hop and dubstep music that was popular at the time among their influences. however, the duo both initially conceptualised their partnership as a more traditional band with liam on lead vocals and bass guitar, guy on drums and a third member playing lead guitar.

Career lawrence and ebersol met in their first year at esher college while both boys were studying music and music technology. they became heavily involved in the hip hop and pop communities that were popping up in venues around surrey. while the duo was originally planned as a more traditional band, the pair often relied on electronic means to fill in the gaps musically while they dissected and transformed the songs in the style of the electronic house music that was becoming increasingly more popular. as struggling college students, dj'ing local events became an easy way to make money as well as gain noteriety. after uploading the deconstructed tunes to myspace, coupled with their local popularity, the duo were signed to a smaller offshoot of island records.

cabal saw their first hit with 2012's "latch" featuring sam smith, a fellow up and coming artist signed to the same management company. two following songs from 2013's settle became top 10 singles while the album itself debuted at number one on the uk's album charts. the band spent much of the year, and the year following, on a world tour including the popular festivals in both north america and the uk.

The band followed up the success of settle with the release of 2015's caracal which also debuted at number one on the uk's album charts. The album featured another partnership with Sam smith as well as worldwide recognisable names such as lorde, miguel and king che. the band made their first appearance on saturday night live with lorde in support of magnets. To date the band has been nominated for three grammy awards, each album receiving a nomination for Best Dance/Electronica Album as well as "f for you" ft mary j. blige receiving a nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2015.

controversies Ebersol has come under fire for quotes in which fellow genre artists believe he is chasing mainstream success and putting down other edm artists. Ebersol has been critical of those he says just press buttons and cites the multiple instruments both play during live shows. he has also mentioned they don't just make club music with their use of irregular time signatures, lack of genre defining drops, and use of verses and chorus as seen in their crossover hits "Latch" and "Magnets".

He has also spoken out against the fragmented way of modern music production where the singer and band may never meet until after the song is already recorded and on the album, if at all. The band's criticism of this practise is found on 2015's caracal tune "jaded" featuring vocals from ebersol.

Caracal (2015)
Nocturnal, Omen, Holding On, Hourglass, Willing & Able, Magnets, Jaded, Good Intentions, Superego, Echoes, Masterpiece, Molecules, Moving Mountains, Bang That, Afterthought.

settle (2013)
Intro, When A Fire Starts To Burn, Latch, F For You, White Noise, Defeated No More, Stimulation, Voices, Second Chance, Grab Her!, You & Me, January, Confess To Me, Help Me Lose My Mind, Boiling, What's In Your Head, Tenderly, Running.

Skins Pure (2013)

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