daniel ayash
dob & age:
26 february, 1993 & 23
bradford, england
tattoo artist
• of pakistani, german, and italian descent
• son of a successful pakistani chemist and a food blogger
• he went to school for english, but he pretended he went for criminology
• infertile
• artistic
• west yorkshire accent
• 5'9" or 1.75 m
• 75 kg or 165 lbs
• has just under 50 tattoos
• hardworking
• avid pothead
• money is not much of an object
daniel ayash, born february 26th, 1993 grew up in bradford to two bradford natives, yaser and patricia. yaser owns a tattoo shop and works behind the scenes of a drug cartel that runs around the west yorkshire area. patricia used to be a school teacher, but she had gotten an ill and lost her job. now she lives at home and runs a food blog. for has long as he can remember, his family has been better off, moving from one large home to another large home over and over. he never saw the importance of having a lot of money due to his issues with his parents growing up. often, his dad put him to work and more or less threw money at him to get him to do things such as mowing the lawn and cleaning the house. he's very silly and it's hard to tell when he's serious. he can be a dick and an asshole but it's something daniel learned to find hilarious. you know how hard to tell whether or not stephen colbert is serious? same with yaser.

daniel has had a talent for drawing ever since he could truly identify shapes and shading in primary school. his art teachers always took aliking to him and his talent, of course. once, he created an entire set for a play when no one offered to volunteer. he used all kinds of cardboard products and paint. it was for a childlike rendition of romeo and juliet. he decided to become a tattoo artist after growing up watching his father tattoo in many shops growing up. he loves being able to put pieces of artowrk on peoples' body.

his relationship with his dad is a lot more stable than his relationship with his mom. his mom is nice, of course, but from the ages 11-16, his mother had been bedridden and sick from a major surgery that caused her to get a version of lyme disease that is contracted from surgeries. he doesn't know much about it, except for the fact that he'd technically been without a mom during the most important years of his life. he's not exactly upset with her, nor does he feel abandoned, but he does understand that their relationship was interrupted and was never the same ever since she started to get better. his mom's mannerisms hasn't changed as far as his father can tell, so she's very spoiled, bratty, cunty, and conceited among other things.

daniel had just turned 22 when he learned he was infertile and could not produce children. he'd been engaged for well over a year in a three year relationship. he was in love and quite smitten for samantha, his girlfriend and fiancee. this news hit her hard because they'd talked about having such a big family, but he couldn't give it to her. she broke up with him a few months after, and moved out before traveling to spain. he has no idea where she is now, but his friends mentioned she is in france now and engaged once again. it wasn't easy for him to come to terms with this, but so he had stayed out of the dating world for a long time before meeting his latest interest.

the ayash family is large. daniel has countless aunts and uncles on his father's side, with whom he is very close. the entire family works together in the ayash warehouse which is just a few miles outside of bradford itself. it was important to yaser that their center of production wasn't anywhere near where the family lives. most, if not all, the family has a hand in the drug cartel. whether it's handling alibis or production, somebody connected with daniel works there.
yaser ayash
48 • business owner. artist. harsh, but silly. muslim. angry.
patricia "tricia" ayash
46 • business owner. writer. foodie. bitchy. cunty. bitter. spoiled.
doniya ayash
24 • make up artist. writer. two kids. loyal. friendly. kind.
waliyha ayash
18 • mathmetician. make up artist. bratty. happy.
safaa ayash
10   dancer. excited about everything. loves vinegar and chips.
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sarwat ayash
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